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Is SEO worth it for small business? SEO for small Businesses

One of the main reasons most business owners who have a website offering their products or services focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) alternatively to paid advertising (PPC) is because of the long term benefits it can offer.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of improving your website and brands visibility within the search results of search engines like yahoo, Bing and the most popular, Google. Ranking higher makes it easier for your customers to find your services or product.

Search engine optimisation is the core component of your digital marketing strategy and if implemented correctly , it can return huge advancements for your business. Alongside SEO you should be looking at other channels of Digital marketing such as PPC, Web Design, Website UX and social media marketing.

is seo worth it for small business

What is SEO worth?

It certainly is not a waste of long as it is done correctly!

Search engine optimisation is one of the best apporaches for small businesses to create brand awareness which in turn will increase your sites traffic. Here are 6 valid reasons why SEO is worth it:

SEO allows potential customers to come to you. You can really target specific keywords or market segments with a strategy that inspires your visitors to act.

Website User experience is incredibly important when ranking a page. Its great ranking well but you then want your users to remain on the site and give them a reason to contact you. The content you produce needs to be relevant, engaging and trustworthy for the page to rank well.

Producing relevant and informative content is a very large part of SEO. Content can inform your potential customers what your product or business is capable of whislt educating in the “Why” or “How”. Educating your potential clients will help establish your brand as an authority.

There are hundreds of millions of people using the internet every day who are searching for relevant information, searching for goods and services.

Having a solid SEO strategy can manoeuvre your brand’s position in search rankings and and is a cost effective way to increase your business exposure. I express caution though, not all industries are the same, competition may be greater in the niche your business is in.

I don’t know about you nut in the past I have tried to search for something and just not found the answer I was looking for! Why is this? Well the SEO techniques being implemented have been poor. To overcome this, provide content that meets the visitors needs, solving a problem or answering a common question within your niche.

Lets cut to the chase….in the past you have been running a direct mail campaign. Can you analyse the data from that campaign? No, not really.

With SEO you can. Using the likes of Analytics you can measure your small businesses audience and tailor certain SEO practices to each persona which allows you to accumulate data that offers insight into your visitors behaviour. This is incredibly valuable.

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Local and National Search Engine Optimization

Does SEO work for a small business?

The answer to this question is yes! Search engines are built with complex algorithms incorporated with AI to deliver the exact results people search for. So, if you provide useful content that solves the answer to the visitors question  then your small business may give those larger corporate companies a run for their money.

Google look at over 200 rankings factors when ranking a page within their search engine and I have no reason to doubt that. To ensure you rank well does require time to implement the correct strategy to rank accordingly. The long term value of an SEO strategy will pay dividends, it is certainly not something that happens over night.

If you would like to explore the SEO possibilities for your small business website then please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can help.

We have experience in all niches and have implemented successful strategies across all.

Using SEO to compete with big business?

How can a small business with limited experience and resources compete with large business domination?

Well search engine optimization is not about how much content you have already out in the internet world, its about knowing what the visitor is really looking for and solving their need, wants or desires.

Here are a few things that you should consider:

  1. Use a long-tail keyword  strategy.
  2. If you are a local business serving your community then leverage your locality for optimization.
  3. Become a recognized authoritative content publisher and build your brand with consistent knowledgeable content.
  4. Social platforms are good indictor for search engines so publish your content within the social world again increasing brand presence. 

You should always be thinking about your Brand and how you are going to provide value to your visitors. Search engines look at Brand and your authority.