SEO Marketing

SEO Marketing creates and manages your search engine optimization and website user experience for a variety of small businesses, individuals and start-up companies.

We operate with a simple ethos; to provide a transparent, flexible and affordable approach to meet your Website UX and SEO requirements.


I will create an SEO strategy that will enable your business to be found under the keywords you want to rank for. I will guide you through the optimization and advise the best way to structure your website to contribute to your revenue.


Do you know your why….why your business exists, why do you do what you do? Very few companies can clearly articulate why they do what they do. We help with this by fully understanding your business persona and your customer persona. This is critical to deliver the ideal message on your website.


To enable your business to be found, visitors to navigate your site, instantly find what they are looking for and improve the customer journey. We want you to increase your sales and make this happen through a more pleasant website process.

We pursue relationships based on transparency, persistence, mutual trust, and integrity with our customers and business partners.

Why SEO Marketing?

I have come across many small businesses who have spent ludicrous amounts on new websites and search engine optimization with little to no return. This didn’t sit well with us at all so we created a strategic approach to Website User Experience and SEO to enable business the best start possible to succeed in this ever competitive digital world.

Who I work with

If your company sells B2B or B2C services or products, in most instances having a pretty website with lovely pictures isn’t going to be enough to grow your business. We look at all aspects of the user journey, target market, ensure that your website is fully optimised and implement our solid SEO strategy to create the best opportunities. We work with you, not for you.

With our Search Engine Optimization strategies and Website UX, both of these functions will define your online presence. We can not read minds, nor do we have a magic crystal ball so it is worth mentioning that your project is a collaboration between both parties to enable the best results. It requires some input in the beginning to fully understand your persona. Growth Optimization will mine the data, carry out the research and deliver a customer centric approach.

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