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SEO Case Study for Robotic Automation Company - Increases Organic Rankings and Traffic

Company information and Current Marketing Strategy

Our client based in United Kingdom specialise in Robotic Automation. They specialize in areas where Robotic arms with support of AI software can support humans with mundane tasks like packing and picking and wrapping boxes. This use of robotic arms to support humans is also known as a collaborative robot or cobot for short. This helps increase output and reduces costs over 12-24 months.

Whilst they had a solid base for a website, the site was slow and really did not rank well for any of their key terms. They have a young member of their team person who started in Digital Marketing and was really keen to learn SEO so we supported him and within a few months we got them ranking for some very important keywords. In addition to the website they are keen on trade shows to showcase their robotic arms capabilities.

Robotic Automation SEO Case Study

Customer Goals

The client, a robotic automation company, had the goals of increasing website traffic, generating more qualified leads, and boosting sales revenue. Specifically, they wanted to improve their search engine rankings for keywords related to their products and services.


Client Feedback

“Tom really understood what we were trying to achieve as a business and the goals we were striving for. Tom’s thorough analysis unearthed some keyword gems that we had never thought our clients would search for. Thanks to his efforts our enquiries have gone up by 400% in terms of value.”


What Search Engine Optimization Strategy did we implement?

To accomplish the client’s goals, we implemented an SEO strategy focused on technical SEO, on-page optimization and content creation.

For technical SEO we optimized page speed, improved site architecture and implemented schema markup. For on-page optimization we optimized title tags, meta descriptions, headings, image alt text and URL structures. We also added relevant keywords throughout the content. Additionally, we created blog posts, case studies and other content to boost the website’s authority and relevance for target keywords.

We did not need to carry out any backlink building as the  site had already good authority and great links fro relevant sources.


So, what were the ranking results?

Over a 12 month period, the SEO strategy achieved outstanding results for the client:

  • 181% increase in monthly website enquiries
  • 255% increase in monthly website traffic
  • 400% increase in average enquiry value
  • Improved keyword rankings for target terms related to RPA and business automation

Conclusion of the Robotic Automation SEO Strategy

The SEO initiatives we implemented clearly demonstrated success in accomplishing the client’s goals of increasing traffic, generating more qualified leads and boosting revenue. Through technical optimizations, on-page improvements and dedicated content creation, we were able to significantly improve the client’s search engine visibility and establish their website as an authoritative source for robotic process automation solutions. The impressive growth in enquiries, website traffic, and qualified leads highlights the value and ROI of investing in SEO.

The investment in SEO was incredibly small compared to the return they received in enquiry value. However, it is always down to the client to convert as many of those leads as possible. Where SEO Marketing can help is keep brining in those high quality leads.