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What is Growth Optimization?

The growth of your business through your website.

Growth Optimization can apply to many parts of a business but in this new digital world we live in your website and its placement in the internet world is important more than ever and that’s where a strong website user experience and search engine optimisation plan comes into its own.

A lot of people consider growth optimization (also known as growth hacking) and marketing to be one or the same but there are some differences between the two.

Growth Optimization Growth Hacking

Differences between Growth Hacking and Traditional Marketing

Growth hacking or optimization is like marketing in that its aim is to acquire customers or encourage more people to use or purchase a particular product or service. However optimization relies heavily on techniques that don’t involve spending large amounts of cash that bigger businesses have access to.

Typically, growth optimization combines marketing, optimization and developmental knowledge to pull off automated marketing on a small budget. As an example we look at optimizing website pages that are engaging, want people to read more and in turn generate leads for any given business. On top of this our strategies incorporate Search Engine Optimization. You need to be found in the search engines before you can receive an enquiry!

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Local and National Search Engine Optimization

Your Growth Plan

Before Growth Optimization kicks in there are many other elements to Implement……This will give you an idea of the information needed to take your site to the next step.

The repeatable data-driven process:-
This is really how we can fully optimize and continue to optimize by analysing the data. The process identifies the kinks that are having the largest downside impact on revenue and why these problems are preventing sales. Once identified, we implement new changes that could potential fix these problems and continually test and monitor these improvements.

The Questions

These are just a few questions we find answers for when improving a clients site:

  1. What areas of the site work well and should they sat as they are?
  2. What parts of your site are causing people to leave the page or go back a page?
  3. What information is missing which is preventing the visitor from making an informed decision?
  4. Are your campaigns driving visitors to the correct landing pages that convert?
  5. Is there relevant call to action?
  6. Is the copy on your site relatable and provides a clear and concise message to your visitors?

We could go on…..there really are so many elements from a website and also landing page that can be analysed to see why they are and are not working.