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Need to optimise your Amazon Product Listings? With over 3 years experience optimising products and experience of the FBA system, I can help.

Amazon SEO from SEO Marketing

Amazon Ranking Phase

Having over 3 years experience selling on Amazon and utilizing the amazon FBA system I have learnt a lot about how the amazon A9 algorithm works. Using my proven SEO process I can help get your products ranking and quickly.

Time after time I see Amazon sellers fail at the first hurdle, sometimes this is down to a poor chosen product or where they have done very little research and analysis. But the largest failure comes from lack of knowledge in optimising your product listing within an inch of its life! Here is where I can really help.

As an Amazon SEO, I analyse all the data of your listing, your competitors and narrow down a keyword focused listing to enable you and your business to thrive.

Full Service Amazon Seo Consultant

Below are a number of aspects within the Amazon FBA process I can assist you with.

With a focus on long tail search terms that your competition is not thinking of, I also look at the most profitable keywords which your product should rank for.

Optimising your product listings is incredibly important. This is not just about adding keywords by ensuring all aspects of the listing is fully optimised.

Looking at how your competitors are ranking for the products you want to sell is very important. Reverse Engineering what they are doing and improve on their listings is only going to put you at the forefront of Amazon.

To ensure your product listings ranks well I also ensure that your copy is written in a way that is engaging and ultimately converts to a sale.

Well they say “a picture paints a thousand words”. In Amazons case this comment is spot on. Your images for your product are everything and you need to ensure your images are on par or indeed better than your competitors.

Require an Amazon SEO consultant

Please drop me a line or send me an email. I would love to help you.

Leveraging Amazons A9 Algorithm to Increase Conversion Rates and Listings Visibility

SEO Keyword Research for your products

As an Amazon SEO consultant it is my job to ensure that a thorough keyword analysis is carried out as this really does define the whole SEO strategy. Not only do I look at Amazon but also Googles platform and mine all the relevant search information to benefit your listings.

On top of this is incredibly important to understand and grasp your competitors product listing strategies, review their pricing, discover product gaps and any additional opportunities

Amazon Listing Optimisation Services

When optimising your product listings I ensure that all aspects are taken care of methodically.Here is what I cover:

  • Unique product descriptions optimized with relevant keywords
  • Optimisation of title and bullet points is incredibly important
  • Copy that converts
  • Adding products to relevant categories
  • Image optimisation with high quality photos to help those listings along
  • If you have short videos for your listing then I can ensure that this to is optimised.
  • Content management