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SEO Audit Process - First part of your SEO strategy

Get your Search Engine Optimization strategy on the right track

What is an SEO Audit? You can think of an SEO Audit as an evaluation of a website that grades the site for its ability to appear in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Audits are completed by checking each step on your audit list and finding any issues that need to be repaired or improved to boost your page’s search engine performance.

No need to worry though as I will take care of this important part of search engine optimization for you.

What is involved in the SEO audit?

A full audit gives you an actionable plan that helps you to:

  1. Compare yourself to competitors and use your findings to your advantage.
  2. Identify what changes need to be made (and how to change them).
  3. Get a general overview of the SEO efficiency of your site.
  4. Uncover your website’s weaknesses and fix them.
  5. Set some real expectations for your website’s future.
Here are just a few parts of the audit strategy I look into as part of search engine optimisation:
  • Check To See If Your Site Is Mobile-Friendly
  • Make Sure Google Indexes ONE Version of Your Website
  • Speed Up Your Site
  • Find and Delete “Zombie Pages”
  • Find and Fix Indexing Problems
  • Check Your Organic Traffic
  • Improve Your On-Page SEO
  • Set Up Keyword Rank Tracking
  • Analyze Your Backlinks
  • Fix Broken Links
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Make Your Content 10x Better
  • Optimize For UX Signals
  • Flatten Your Website Architecture
SEO Audit from SEO Marketing

How is your Website Performing? Contact us for a free SEO audit today

Local and National Search Engine Optimization

Have you launched your website yet?

One of the main things web designers do not consider when building a new site is SEO. Search engine optimization should always be at the forefront of the mind when building a new site.

SEO audits aren’t just for established websites. Having a carefully crafted SEO strategy that yields valuable results is critica when you’re launching a new site. Just as important is ensuring all previous authority is transferred correctly to your new platform.

Don’t make the mistakes others have made. Avoid dramatic dips in traffic, huge dip in keyword rankings and critical conversion losses with an SEO audit.

The mistakes can be subtle – sometimes the smallest ofchanges can have the biggest impact. Perhaps you’re thinking of removing pages, changing the menu structure, or merging content. This would involve considering URL structure and redirecting to the correct pages. Each of these actions require careful analysis and actions to minimise impact. Our SEO audit will outline what needs to be done to maintain optimisation during your website move.